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This database includes V11 forms from 3,663 polling stations around Zimbabwe. That’s 33.4% of all polling stations in the 2018 elections!

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Chamisa N MDC A :{{item.viz11.pres_2}}
Mnangagwa E D ZANU PF:{{item.viz11.pres_15}}
Chamisa N MDC A :{{item.zizec[0].Chamisa_Nelson_MDC_Alliance}}
Mnangagwa E D ZANU PF: {{item.zizec[0].Mngagwa_Emmerson_Dambudzo_ZANU_PF}}

no V11


Crowd sourced

All of our data was crowd sourced – we put out the call, and you sent us the photos from which a team of volunteers captured the presidential results for each polling station. So far, our volunteer team has captured 11,478 images of which 5,497 were unique.


You can search our data base using the search tools above. The database contains ZEC’s results for each polling station (For NC and EDM), and where we have the V11 data for that polling station you will also see those results.


Want to check we got it right.? That’s easy – just click on the "V11 Image" button next to the results to cross check our data capture. If you see any mistakes, please be part of our quality control team and email admin@citizens-manifesto.org to let us know. Citizen Data Portal is a campaign of Citizens’ Manifesto.